Pakistan was not aware of Osama’s presence: ex-US ambassador



Former US ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter said on Tuesday that “Pakistan probably didn’t know about Osama bin Laden as there is no evidence to suggest there was a link”.

Giving a talk at the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs on re-envisioning US-Pak relations, the former ambassador presented a prologue to the year 2011 which he says was “a terrible year if you happen to be an ambassador to Pakistan”.

In a clear and candid manner, Mr Munter touched upon the past and said, “We had very high expectations and [through] a system set up by late Richard Holbrooke wanted to put an end to the negativity of the past [between the two countries]. But the imbalance of US-Pak relationship, a relationship of perfidy and exploitation depending on which side you are looking at it from, manifested itself through the series of events that took place.”

The subsequent raid on the Abbottabad compound of OBL in May, came six weeks after Raymond Davis, a contractor who worked for the CIA, was bailed out by the ambassador after he shot dead “two thugs who tried to rob him” by paying blood money to the family.