PM Nawaz to deliver ‘statement’ on Yemen conflict at 6:30 pm



Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be issuing an important statement with refernce to the situation in Yemen on Monday (today) evening.

According to the PM House spokesman, the statement will be broadcast on national television (PTV) at 6:30 pm and will inform the nation on the situation unfolding in Yemen and Pakistan’s response to Saudi Arabia’s request for military intervention against the Houthis.

Prior to issuing the statement, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is expected to hold an important meeting with civil and military leaders. Sources said the situation in the Middle East with emphasis on Yemen will be discussed in the meeting.


  1. Yemen, no doubt has faced up with big challenges and there are other factors that can be believed that, there is unnecessary things that are being consider and attacked by the enemies of Yemen, Saudi, doing all their efforts for Yemen, also the statement made by PM whether the army should go or not is also been more appropriate. fellowship application personal statement

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