Electricity outage intensifies as demand escalates to 13,800 MW


Load shedding continued to persist in the country as the urban areas are facing power cut of seven hours while the rural areas have been hit by 10 hours electricity outages.

The National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) has reported that the power demand has escalated to 13,800 megawatts and the production has restricted to only 9700 megawatts.

The new schedule of power outage, six hours load shedding for urban areas and eight hours load shedding to rural areas, was made by keeping in view the ongoing crisis of electricity however due to electricity shortfall the decided duration has been increased.


  1. It is duty of all Pakistanis to stand up and support our proud nation even when news like this is pessimistic. Pakistan zindabad! Inshallah this is minor difficulty and soon all Pakistanis will enjoy 24×7 uninterupted power. I guarantee this will happen.

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