We support Saudia, but Yemen war is…


Political leaders stutter over UAE official’s statement, Pak’s military’s involvement in Yemen

As Pakistan’s political leadership appeared cautious in commenting over somewhat harsh statements by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) foreign minister, Foreign Office spokeswoman Tasnim Aslam said, “Since this is not an official version of the UAE government, rather the statement has been taken from the some social media and the authenticity of the account has also not been confirmed as yet. We will first ascertain what actually has been said and by whom. Later, we can comment.”

However, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Information Secretary Dr Shireen Mazari looked more cautious. “PTI fully supported the consensus resolution adopted by our both houses of the parliament. Since the parliament represents the will of the people of Pakistan, every country must respect the will of the people of Pakistan,” she said.

“All friendly nations must respect the consensus decision of the Parliament which represents the aspirations of the people at large. PTI believes that Pakistan enjoys close ties with the GCC and it would continue to work with them to ensure and protect their sovereignty and territorial integrity. As far as the Yemen crisis is concerned, it is a serious problem which needs to be resolved through diplomatic means. We believe the use of force may not be a useful option and dialogue should be the way forward,” she added.

In the meanwhile, Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Liaqat Baloch said the statement by UAE minister was “disappointing”. “Since the parliament passed a unanimous resolution, the friendly countries must respect it. Moreover, Pakistan would always be there to safeguard the territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia. I wonder why such statement was made,” he maintained.

Moreover, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Minister for Religious Affairs Sardar ‎Mohammad Yousaf said that the parliament had adopted a unanimous resolution to protect Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

“Any attempt at Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty would be responded by a strong response from Pakistan,” he said‎, dodging successive questions about statement of the UAE minister.

Furthermore, Jamaatud Dawa (JUD) chief Hafiz Mohammad Saeed said that Pakistan should always stand by Saudi Arabia which had always come forth to support it.

“Whenever we needed financial support or diplomatic assistance, Saudi Arabia came forth without thinking of implications. Moreover, our strategic interests are tied with the Arab world as millions of Pakistani expatriates are employed there and their ‎remittances are a major source of our foreign exchange reserves,” he said, adding that Pakistan should extend its support to Saudi Arabia irrespective of media criticism.

Despite repeated efforts no PPP leader was available for comments.


  1. Lets be clear – the arabs have never considered pakistanis as their equals , but as slaves of the wahabis – they wanted to "buy" the pakistanis as sacrificial goats and fight for them for money – what sort of muslims these wahabis are,arabs consider human beings as commodity for sale-shame!!!!!

      • Truly said… moreover, they are as far from Islam as they are from Saudis and other Muslims… Iranis have never spoken good for Pakistan and it was against the creation of Pakistan too… no matter how disgusted Iranian supporters become, but that's the fact

  2. Iran would stand last when it comes to friends of pakistan and ofcourse Pakistanis. They always had close ties with India and everyone know what they are doing in balochistan. Iran constantly violate internatinoal boundries and carry out operation within pakistan and kill pakistanis. On the other hands, Arabs always supported pakistan both financialy and politically. So we should support Saudi Arabia in Yemen, since Iran is also responsible for creating mess within Yemen.

  3. Westerners are playing games to Isolate Pakistan and preparing Pakistan for a future war to take over its natural resources in Balochistan including 4th largest gold mine of the world and oil. First , westerners build UAE and than took over the states to colonize them and now they are forcing them to invest trillions of dollars in US and European economy. every good paying job in UAE is either going through European or Canadian head hunters and are only offered to white Christians and rest of third world is used for poor paying labor jobs. UAE is actively supporting BLA in balochistan with their ENDIAN friends for very long and eliminating jobs of Pakistanis for last 25 years. Even some of the coutries like Kuwait don't even offer visas to Pakistanis. They hire only Endians and BangalIS. so UAE and its Soltans should kiss our ass. We are only obligated to protect Saudi Arabia who are our real friends and the rest of the Arab countries we could care less about especially Kuwait and UAE.

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