UAE warns Pakistan of ‘heavy price for ambiguous stand’ on Yemen


Pakistani lawmakers’ call for the government to remain neutral on the escalating crisis in Yemen has evoked a strong response from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

“The vague and contradictory stands of Pakistan and Turkey are an absolute proof that Arab security — from Libya to Yemen — is the responsibility of none but Arab countries,” UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash said.

Speaking to renowned Emirati newspaper Khaleej Times, Garhash warned Pakistan of having to pay a “heavy price” for taking on what he called an “ambiguous stand”. He added that Pakistan should take a clear position “in favour of its strategic relations with the six-nation Arab Gulf cooperation Council”.

“The Arabian Gulf is in a dangerous confrontation, its strategic security is on the edge, and the moment of truth distinguishes between the real ally and the ally of media and statements,” Gargash tweeted moments after the Pakistani parliament passed the resolution insisting on neutrality in the Yemen conflict.

Gargash went to symbolise Pakistan’s resolution as equivalent of siding up with Iran instead of the Gulf. “Tehran seems to be more important to Islamabad and Ankara than the Gulf countries,” Gargash said.

“Though our economic and investment assets are inevitable, political support is missing at critical moments,” he added.

The Parliament on Friday passed a unanimous resolution, vowing to defend Saudi Arabia’s territorial integrity and the holy places of Makkah and Madinah. But none of these locations appear to have so far been threatened by the conflict.

“Pakistan should play a mediating role and not get involved in the fighting in Yemen,” the resolution stated, adding that “the Parliament of Pakistan … underscores the need for continued efforts by the government of Pakistan to find a peaceful resolution of the crisis”.

“[Parliament] desires that Pakistan should maintain neutrality in the Yemen conflict so as to be able to play a proactive diplomatic role to end the crisis,” it stated.

The Saudi-led coalition launched air strikes against the Houthi rebels on March 26 in support of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi after they seized the capital and forced him to flee to Aden.


  1. The American puppets in the Gulf region are playing in the hands of their masters. Instead of forging unity among muslims of the world, they are promoting enmity & acrimony. History will not remember such acts in good words. If there is an internal power struggle going on in Yemen, the muslim leadership from other countries should play a positive mediation role to bring peace. Look what the West did to many of our brother muslim countries in the name of Arab spring. Muslims have the potential to improve their condition and become a military & economic force to be reckoned with but what can you expect when we have rulers like these who are only bothered about their petty gains.

  2. : Uncle Sheikh is coming calling! We understnd what the dire consquences can be! We have experienced them under uncle SAM and survived. Pakistan has voiced support for the integrity of SA . What more do you want ? The gulf states have a hidden mercenary colombian army for their protection. Pakistan,s blood is not for sale. International relations should not be conducted in this threatning way.

  3. This shows Pakistan's worth in the view of Gulf Countries. They expect Pakistan to respond as puppet and positive on whatever they have decided for us. This has little to do with their mentality and much more to do with our govts in the past.

  4. That reflects the real mentality of Arabs. To them we are all slaves of GCC shaikhs and nothing more than that. Yemen is yet another war to usurp power. What about Egypt, they have refused too.

    GCC can buy A380's and F-16's but will be able to use them themselves especially in a combat. Oil Money has made them lousy people wanting everything for granted at their personal whims. In recent past, how UAE reacted to Canada's refusal for flying rights to Emirates is no secret. It took 2 years to bring bilateral relations to normalcy. Is he not the same FM again ?

    How can Pakistan Army be expected to fight against Taliban and Al-Qaeda inside Pakistan but fight with them in Yemen.

  5. you Mr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash!
    It will be gret help it you shut up and dont advice to Pakistan.
    Pakistan or Iran can wipe you out from the map of earth in minutes

  6. you Mr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash!
    It will be great help it you shut up and don't advice to Pakistan.
    Pakistan should rather help to topple these dictators and help to establish democracy in Saudi Arab.

  7. This is major foreign policy disaster / debacle for Pakistan more akin to East Pakistan. We don't even understand or know our national interest.

    Iran has never been a friend of Pakistan. Pakistan lost time for a bold decision and to assert its leading muslim power status.
    What is power worth when ones actions are impotent.

  8. What undiplomatic language by the Minister of a minion state! Pakistan should advise Sheikh Khalifa to keep his Ministers tongues in check. These guys have no clue about U.S'. new great game in the Middle East, which will eventually destroy them all including Saudi & Gulf States. Thank God for Turkey for initiating a sensible approach. It is time to approach Middle East conflicts sensibly, independent of the U.S.

  9. I bet you started your career by being a little high school bully you arrogant little infant for a uae minister.


  10. my view is what I see previous and what I thing and we all know English and American policy is divide and rule and so they make all the Muslim countries fight against each other this is all politics and they want to make their Dollar and Pound wealthy just look at the historic so far where ever they have gone they have looted,stole everything from South Africa , India . Kenya , Iraq , Syria , Pakistan etc . It’s time for Muslim countries to unite and work together ……….
    This is just my opinion ………

  11. As a citizen of Saudi Arabia, I have to say that we were deeply disappointed when the Pakistani Parliament decided to take this stand. We have always thought of our Pakistani People as brothers not only as allies, as we believe that our Islamic destiny is always the same.
    We have all seen how the Iranian regime destroyed Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and they tried aggressively (as they always do) to destroy Yemen, you never associate Iran's role with any type of construction but with only destruction, as we see in the examples I mentioned, and this has always been their role in the Islamic history. Muslims have waited long to react to the Iranian nonsense, and once that started from the land of the Prophet and the Two Holy Masjeds, we expected that all of our brothers will give their blessings and limitless support, especially our great brothers in Pakistan. That does not mean that the sons of Sahaba will back away from this war, we will never do that as we never have done that during the Islamic History, the only thing is that we never expected our brothers in Pakistan to be "natural".

    May Allah bless you all, and protect all of our brothers and sisters throughout the World.

    • Pakistan as it is, is under several constraints and target of many conspiracies. (u'd know if u c news).
      secondly, Pakistan made it clear that any attack on SA will provoke a response, and agreed not to invade yemen.
      lastly, u SA people are already slaves to America. ur king is as corrupt as our politicians in PK. SA has already totally submitted to US, yet u talk about protecting, funny. Instead of knowing who your real enemy is, u want to start infighting, and drag us vid u in a mess from which a third part will benefit.

      Just tell me, which country is ur worst enemy, Israel( US backed) or Iran ?

      u calling ur self 'sons of sahaba disgusts me', even though I praise ur spirit

    • KSA and holy land of Makkah Mahinah have no threat. Our Soldiers are not for sale that Arabs called us and pay us so we will fight for them. What you people do with us when we come to your countries for work. We are just like slaves for you. People spend whole life in your country but you don't like to give them nationality. We will be your brother when you want to use us otherwise u think we are slaves.

    • Brother you said that the Iranian regime had destroyed Syria and Iraq but I am sorry to say that ppl behind Iraq and Syria are the Americans please don’t blame the Iranian regime infact they are the ones who are protecting the holy shrines in Iraq .

  12. The Resolution adopted by the Parliament must be respected and honored by all the Muslim countries. UAE 's state foreign minister has completely misread Pakistan's stance, which is quite clearly reflected by the said resolution. He has perhaps inflated ego . A quick response must be given by the foreign office to set the record straight, and put this idiot in his place.

    The UAE Ambassador be called by the foreign office to explain its government's position. The said minister be removed . It is a serious matter and must be resolved on priority basis. It is massive failure of our diplomacy.

  13. Pakistan parliament was asked to invade Yemen recently; well what do you expect happened; when a childish request is asked from Pakistan parliament does it take it seriously? NEVER. The Pakistan parliament is an august and elected body, it is not there to entertain foolish day dreams…….of course every single vote in the parliament was a "NOOOOOOO"……..

  14. Don’t worry guys…
    We can get up and take a stand for the Arabia a “Real Mohammad’s Arabia” No the “Saud’s Arabia” and basically the Arab Spring is worried about their Ptero Dollars not for the Humanity, not for the Pakistanis or any Muslim brothers.
    Now for this UAE Minister, he is just taking his burn out so let this pirate allow and what they can do maximum not allows Pakistanis to work inside the Arab spring? Or not make any investment in our country… which they can’t both are hard for them, they can’t live without us and without investing making money.
    Can anyone believe few tribes can fight or warn for the consequences to a nuclear state? Answer is “ NO”
    Therefore take it easy give them space what they are doing in this way our govt. knows at least who is sincere with them and stand on stand of right.

  15. Th gentleman needs a course in international relations. What does he mean by saying Pakistan will pay a heavy price ? Pakistan needs friends not masters. Yemen is at war with itself. Saudia Arabia was last year the worlds largest importer of weapons. It has a standing army of over two hundred thousends It had no trouble in marching into Bahrain in a well publicised event. A small event should not be made into a international crisis. Pakistan has a fragile democracy with it,s own problems in the backyard. Can the honourable ministre tell us when was it last that Gulf countries supported Pakistan in a international dispute. Of course our country is good for buzzard hunting. Is it the heavy price it will pay if you don't come hunting?

  16. Islamic Republic of Pakistan must meet its Saudi brothers and time tested friends demands as required. Iran as always has very good relations with India and was very happy Uncle Sam occupied Afghanistan to help Northern Alliance to come to power and is now active to export it's Shia brand of Islam in the Middle East. They are one who never showed their interest in a united Muslim Ummah. Witout our middle eastern brothers we are nothing alone. We have to be one with the Sunni Muslim States and all our interests lies with them. If stood by them and even have Turkey's with us then we can force Iran not to intervene in Yemen by sending there secrete Brigade that they have prepared for a long time. We should not be stupid enough to be sandwich between India and Iran. Yemen is backyard of Saudi Arabia just like the Afghanistan is us.
    More over and the most important is that Pakistan must play a leading role and establish a very strong defense by raisin a couple armed corps with the help of Saudi Arabia and UAE and that armed corps can be used to defend our allies and brothers.
    Long Live Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

  17. I strongly condemned Pakistan’s stand on yeman conflict. Pakistan Should stand with GCC not with Iran and goosi rebels. UAE and other Gulf counties always stood with Pakistan whenever needed. We Balochi community are with UAE. We will stand for UAE.

  18. Sorry Sheik, our army is not to kill innocent Muslims in Yemin, Our bombs are no made to destroy hospitals, schools, water distribution networking system, wheat mills etc. and please note that you are a very small and week country, you are in no position to threaten us. What you can do is only band visa for Pakistan like you did for Bangladesh. when Phalistine was being attacked where where your Air crafts at that time? to kill muslims you are always ready. Shameful people. Pakistan is much better then you all are.

  19. Mr. Anwar mohammed Gargash .Absolutely said and warn bad consequence against Pakistan . Honourable minister Whether we Pakistani leaders ignited you to go strike a side by side yemen, this was their internal problem .the advised time you have had no need of Pakistan .Where was Pakistan when your Arab league summit was in egypt. if you have told situation in yemen Pakistan never allowed to go in war.American desire behind you have filled rest middle eastern countries . Pakistan parliament have decided to stop war both side with mediation here resolution passed.

  20. I think, Pakistan will pay very very very high price, for its decision to remain neutral in crisis in Yemen. Islam Abad will lose material support and all Paki workers will return back home of all Arab Gulf states (GCC).

  21. we dont need you, you need us because we feed you the whole world depends on us we are arabs do you understand what arabs is we will show you and your parlimant what arabs is

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