America is the real terrorist, my boys are the best: Boston bombers’ mother


The mother of the convicted mass-murder responsible for the Boston bombings in 2013 declared that her son was ‘the best of the best’, while declaring America “the real terrorist”.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 21, was found guilty by a jury in Boston on April 9 for all 30 counts in connection to the deadly 2013 attacks. Of the 30 attacks, 17 were punishable by the death penalty.

Despite the guilty verdict, the bomber’s mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, was adamant that Dzhokhar and his late brother Tamerlan were innocent.

In a text message to her sons’ supporter Timur Rudaev, Zubeidat called the convicted killer “my precious boy” before going on a rant against the US.

“America is the real terrorist and everyone knows that,” she wrote in the text, which was later shared on the Russian social media site VKontakte and sent to a local news site.

“My boys are the best of the best,” she added.

She continued to thank everyone who had been helping her family over the past two years and vowed to keep them in her thoughts.

“May God reward them for supporting my precious boy,” the mother wrote.

Zubeidat Tsranaev’s statement was accompanied by Rudaev’s rambling rant about Dzhokhar’s guilty verdict in Boston.

“Today, foolish Americans completely shattered the life of a great guy! Rudaev wrote in Russian, adding that “no trial, no jury could trample our opinions, only the Almighty has power over us! Only the Almighty knows the outcome of this trial… we hope the merciful Allah will give Dzhokar a second chance!”

He further added that he hoped that Zubeidat Tsarnaev would gather everyone at her home to celebrate Dzhokar’s release in the near future.

“Everyone will be ruffling his hair and telling him, ‘Brother, you persevered, you put the Americans in their place!” he added.

Zubeidat has been unwavering in her support for Tamerlan, 26, who was killed in a gun battle with the police after the bombings, and his younger brother, who was arrested after being cornered inside a boat in a Boston suburb.

In the days after the attack, Zubeidat accused law enforcement in Boston of framing her sons and described the scene of the carnage at the marathon finish line as a “really big play” with “paint instead of blood.”

A press conference was held 10 days after the bombings in which the mother was on the verge of hysteria proclaiming that she did not accept her children were responsible for the massacre.

“America took my kids away from me. I’m sure my kids were not involved in anything,” she said assuredly.