MPs call for diplomatic, political support to Saudi Arabia


The members of the parliament on Thursday stressed the need for a diplomatic and political support to Saudi Arabia in the current crisis.

Resuming debate on Yemen crisis in the joint sitting, the parliamentarians said that Pakistan should not interfere and indulge in the crisis. However, they made it clear that there would be no compromise on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia. They also termed the role of Pakistan, Turkey and Iran crucial for the solution the Yemeni issue.

Taking part in the debate, Senator Professor Sajid Mir said that Saudi Arabia’s relations with Yemen were exemplary. Many Yemeni were doing their business and were awarded Saudi nationality, he added. Mir said some elements were taking advantage of unrest in Yemen and wanted to create disturbance in Saudi Arabia. He termed Saudi Arabia’s action against non-state actors in Yemen in accordance with international law.

“If US can take action against illegitimate governments in Iraq and Afghanistan, then Saudi Arabia also has the right to take such action against rebels.”

He said Pakistan could not play mediator’s role without the approval of both the parties. “Saudi Arabia will certainly accept Pakistan’s role as a mediator but Yemeni rebels will not accept it,” he opined.

Naseem Ehsan, taking part in the debate, appreciated the role of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in the current scenario. “We are ready to protect holy places in Saudi Arabia,” she added.