Shujaat calls for unconditional support for KSA


Pakistan Muslim League (PML) President and former Prime Minister Shujaat Hussain has demanded of the government to announce unconditional support for Saudi Arabia regarding Yemen issue. 

“The ruling party has made a joke out of such an important issue by presenting and debating it in the Parliament,” the PML leader said in a statement issue on Wednesday.

“Instead of debating Yemen issue, the members showed lack of seriousness by making statements about the return of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to the assembly,” he added.

Pointing out the hypocracy of ruling party in Punjab and centre- Pakistan Muslim League- Nawaz, he said that PTI member were welcomed to Punjab Assembly while ministers of the same party ridiculed their return to the National Assembly.

Amidst adverse times, he said, the Saudi Arabia government stood by it Pakistani brothers and now was time to return the favour.

He emphatically said that all possible resources should be mustered up for defending security of Saudi Arabia.