SC’s says import of expired meds for fatal diseases not its problem


The Supreme Court (SC) has dismissed a petition filed against the import of medicines and vaccines from other countries in respect of treatment of fatal diseases like TB, Hepatitis-C, polio and measles declaring it non-maintainable.

A three-member bench of SC headed by Justice Mian Saqib Nisar took up for hearing petition filed by Dr Muhammad Arshad of PMA.

Justice Mian Saqib Nisar has remarked, “The SC does not consider it human rights matter. If a decision is given, it will leave negative impact. This matter is similar to the decision given by SC in sugar prices case due to which the situation deteriorated further rather than improving.  The petitioner should approach a proper forum.”

Taufiq Asif advocate appeared on behalf of the petitioner and told the court sections 9 and 23 of drug act are being violated in Pakistan and expired medicines and vaccines are being imported. No institute including government has any check and balance over it. The situation has reached the level that 206 persons died in Sindh due to use of medicines and vaccines of Hepatitis C. The government of Punjab has also said in its report expired medicines and vaccines are being imported from other countries which have put the lives of people at high stake.

The court inquired why he had made Auditor General Pakistan, Accountant General and Wafaqi Mohtasib respondents in his petition.

The counsel told the court this was done so because they had the funds released for these medicines. The government needs to be directed to devise some mechanism to regulate these medicines, he prayed.

The court remarked, “Neither your petition falls in the ambit of clause 184 (3) nor are you the aggrieved party. Court does not know about the characteristics of these medicines. We will not go into act because we are not satisfied with your arguments. Nor will we go into this agreement being executed by government and foreign companies. It will be better that you approach proper forum.”