Khan shows the London card to Altaf

  • PTI chief warns MQM chairman that he’ll press charges against him in British courts if any PTI supporter gets hurt during NA-246 polls
  • Khan urges people of Karachi to vote for PTI candidate Imran Ismail
  • MQM leader Wasay Jalil says party not bothered by PTI’s claims

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday warned Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain that his party’s lawyers were ready to press charges against Hussain if any PTI member is harmed during the NA-246 election campaign.

In three tweets posted Saturday, the PTI chief called Hussain out by asserting that he “first terrorise[s] the hapless citizens of the city and then play[s] the victim”.

Khan added that he “cannot forget” what the family of a murdered MQM leader told him in 2007.

The PTI leader — who addressed the MQM chief as “Adolf Altaf” in an apparent reference to Hitler — went on to say that a team of lawyers is ready to press charges against Hussain if PTI members are mistreated in the NA-246 election campaign.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan on Saturday released a video message for the voters in Karachi, appealing everyone to be fearless and vote for Imran Ismail in the coming elections and assured them that the impact of electing Imran Ismail will be felt across Pakistan.

Imran Khan termed the by-election of NA-246 as an opportunity to change the fate of Karachi.

He said he wanted to recreate Karachi as the city of lights, as the city he remembers where people would come from Dubai to seek employment. He added that the businessmen have shifted their industries from Karachi and he wants to stop that by breaking this atmosphere of fear.


However, Wasay Jalil of the MQM Coordination Committee dismissed Khan’s statements by saying: “PTI is just seeking media attention in NA-246 By-Election Campaign & we have seen such hasty statements from him before without basis”.

Khan’s statement comes ahead of a forthcoming by-election in Karachi’s NA-246, an MQM bastion which was left vacant after the resignation from the National Assembly of MQM leader Nabeel Gabol.

Just two days after having agreed to a code of conduct for the by-election, workers of MQM and PTI clashed in one of the constituency areas on Friday evening. The situation turned violent and tense when an election camp of one party was uprooted by workers of the other after hours-long face-off between the two sides.

“Police have detained 10 people following the clash,” Karachi West DIG Feroz Shah said. He claimed that no one was injured during the clash. “Tension arose when some people gathered at the camp office, but the situation was brought under control in the night,” he added.

“It is sheer vandalism,” said PTI leader Imran Ismail, who is also the party’s candidate for NA-246. “It’s typical, traditional politics of fear and violence. We are surprised that no one from the administration or law-enforcement agency intervened when MQM workers were pelting our workers with stones and vandalising our election camp. This is the reason which forced us to demand polling under Rangers,” he said.

The MQM’s candidate for the NA seat, Kanwar Naveed Jamil, denied the allegations and said it was not a clash between the political workers. He said his party had set up the PTI camp office when it was vandalised and after receiving information about the incident, his party immediately contacted Imran Ismail.

Earlier this week, MQM and PTI workers clashed in Azizabad when Imran Ismail visited the MQM bastion to meet workers and play a game of cricket.


  1. I am amazed at the indifference of KARACHIITES. Why are losing this oppertunity of making Karachi what it once was; peaceful vacation destination. Come out and remove this dirty spot from the face of your city. Show for once your resolve and let your children grow as good citizens and not target killers or bhatta khores. Finish all this element and make them realise their past mistakes under a runaway leader who is not ashamed of his ugly cowardice and conduct even with his friends like Tariq Azeem and Imran Farooq, may their souls rest in peace. Ameen.

    • give the people genuine rights,make Karachi metropolitan city to be run by the local people,stop importing LEAs from outside,recruit local in LEAs,give fund for its development,stop targeting a particular community in the name of operation,stop media trails ,consider karachi and the people as a part of Pakistan…

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