PML-N leaders persuade for meeting Saudi demands


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and ruling members of his party have stressed that the government should provide Saudi Arabia all the necessary military aid it needs, also endorsing the idea of opposition parties to call an All Parties Conference (APC) to forge political consensus on the issue.

The lawmakers expressed their views during the party’s high-level consultative meeting, led by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who sought the party’s input on the Saudi demand, at the PM House Wednesday evening.

The sources added that the government delegation, which has come back from the kingdom, will meet the premier on Thursday (today) to inform him about the Saudi’s needs.

They also said PM Nawaz, keeping in view the timing for Riyadh’s needs, would call the APC where he would announce the government’s decision.

The meeting, the sources said, has taken up many important issues including the outcomes of the formation of the Judicial Commission (JC) to probe rigging allegations in the 2013 general elections.


  1. The whole of Pakistan has to bear the settlement of Sharif's debt to Saudi Arabia? Has the Sharif family not accumulated enough wealth without begging more from SA again at the expense of Pak Army? SA obviously doesn't have enough weapons as they have given them all to Taliban & IS!

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