Supermodel Ayyan to remain in jail over smuggling charges


The Lahore High Court’s Rawalpindi bench on Tuesday rejected supermodel Ayyan Ali’s bail plea, upholding an earlier decision from a Customs court.

Ayyan Ali’s counsel, Sardar Ishaq, while presenting his arguments to Justice Mahmood Maqbool Baqar, said the money found was Ayyan’s but she was not aware that travelling abroad with cash in excess of $10,000 was a criminal offence. Ishaq requested the court to grant Ayyan bail since the investigation had been completed and she had filed documents justifying the cash recovered from her.

However, Customs prosecutor Naeem Lodhi said Ayyan was unable to provide reasonable answers on why she was carrying the money in her luggage.

Justice Mahmood, after hearing arguments from both sides, rejected the supermodel’s bail plea, and reserved his judgement with regards to the case.

Ayyan Ali was arrested by Customs officials on March 14 from Benazir Bhutto International Airport Islamabad after $508,000 were recovered from her possession.

A special Customs court had rejected her bail plea on March 16 and sent her on 14 days judicial remand.r


  1. Respectable people from respectable families strive hard to keep their character free from such things like sitting in the Jail. First of all choosing a career like model show is itself dirty profession for a lady just for show off what curves she has…

    • @Askari Kazmi I completely agree with you.Respectable or Khandani families are not like this.If you belong to a respectable family you can easily differentiate between a Khandani woman and a newly made vulgar woman.A Khandani woman don’t need to wear small dresses to show that she is modern,you can easily recognize a Khandani woman in Shalwar Kameez.Unfortunately Khandani families are becoming rare in our society and newly made modern people are rising due to bribery,corruption and land lord system.

  2. All is right with what Askari and Zara write,
    but the fact remains that Pakistan is there where it is today
    because of these Khandani people.
    Most khandani men, if given an oppurtunity, would love to enjoy time with Ayyan,
    and most khandani women would be jeaulous of her beauty. Munafiks.

  3. @zara : so called khandani women like to visit cinemas in shalwar kameez , abaya to watch indian and english films with item numbers and bold dressing … when it comes to our society they are behavng like its sin …

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