FBR listing houses outside home

  • FBR seeks Pakistanis’ record of their property investments in Dubai


The Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) Intelligence and Inland Revenue Department has issued a notice to an office in Karachi linked to Damac Properties, Dubai seeking details of Pakistanis who have made investment in its various schemes since 2013.

Sources in the FBR said that on the order of Director-General Haroon Muhammad Khan, a team of the FBR intelligence wing also raided the office (In Sign Communication) at Shaheen Airport in Karachi, which is working on behalf of Damac Properties Dubai.

The FBR team has asked the In Sign Communication in Karachi to provide details of the agreement with the Damac Properties besides proving all details of transactions people have made through their offices. The FBR team issued a notice to the CEO of the company Wajahat Ali.

The FBR has also sought details of the money, which the Pakistanis transferred to Dubai for making investment in Damac Properties.

The FBR sources said that people have siphoned off billions of rupees from Pakistan in the last two years and purchased properties in Dubai. They said that Ali has been asked to explain whether income tax and other taxes were paid on the money transferred to Dubai.

The sources further said that billions of black money has been transferred out of the country, causing billions of rupees losses to the national exchequer.