We will obliterate terrorism by hook or by crook: Rashid


Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid said Friday that the war against terrorism would be won at all costs.

Speaking as chief guest at closing ceremony of “Counter-terrorism strategic communication and media engagement training course,” at Sihala Police College, he said that the next generation would be handed over a peaceful and secure Pakistan.

He said that the operation against all types of terrorists has been launched and they would be eliminated from Pakistan’s soil without any discrimination.

He said that Pakistan’s police force was a very disciplined and responsible force, which has played its role in war against terrorism valiantly.

The minister said that besides other law enforcement agencies, the officers and Jawans of the police force have rendered unprecedented sacrifices in the war against terrorism and the entire nation acknowledged these sacrifices.

He said that the government with the support of the masses has started regaining the control of the areas captured by the terrorists and extremist forces.

After a lapse of several years, the Pakistan Day parade was organised this year and besides other institutions, the police’s role in the parade was worth appreciating. The nation watches its Armed Forces parade with great pride, he added.

He said that joining of young women in the police force was a great milestone, as they would work along with the male colleagues to make Pakistan more safe and peaceful country.

The minister said that police and media enjoy good relations and hoped that the training would equip them to cope with emergent challenges.

While replying to questions of the under-training officers, he said that war against terrorism was an international issue and Pakistan was working with international community to root out this menace. Pakistan has played an important role in war against terrorism and the entire world has acknowledged that role, he added.



  1. Can someone please ask him if the country considers the Jihadi movements targeted towards the neighbors from their soil be considered as terrorism? Or is it only the 'bad-terrorist' that they want to obliterate?

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