launches nationwide cash on delivery | Pakistan Today launches nationwide cash on delivery

Sehat, Pakistan’s Premier Online Pharmacy ( or 0800 73428) has just launched Cash On Delivery services to customers all over Pakistan – to more than 200 locations. Sehat is backed by Apothecare Private Limited – a pharmaceutical concern run by the 4th generation of the Fazal Din Family. The buck doesn’t stop there, however – Sehat offers other features besides home delivery of medicines

Through Sehat, one can get his or her prescription medicines sent to them at a fair market price (or even at a discount, if applicable) after having his or her prescription verified by Sehat’s team of qualified and trained pharmacists. On that same note, recurring prescription medicine users can avail the Order Scheduling option on Sehat, where he or she can place multiple orders at one time and schedule them out by the day, week, and month – and even the year.

Unlike many other e-commerce portals, Sehat also offers customers store credit. For example, a customer can deposit Rs. 20,000 in his own store credit account after a one time transaction and use that credit to place multiple orders for medicines to be delivered.

Sehat has also established corporate partnerships with institutions such as LUMS and ICI polyester, enabling them to purchase medicines in bulk orders. Other projects in pipeline include a vaccinator program in conjunction with Pfizer. Properly trained vaccinators from Sehat will be able to provide vaccinations for Pneumonia for customers sitting at home – this project is expected to start in early April.

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