Pregnant Muslim woman in France attacked for wearing headscarf


A headscarf-wearing Muslim woman in her final month of pregnancy was violently assaulted in southern France this week by a man who accused her of wearing a hijab to hide her hair.

The 29-year-old woman was hospitalised on Tuesday after being attacked on a street in Toulouse, southern France.

According to her account, the attacker pulled on her veil, grabbed her by the hair and threw her to the ground, where he hit her several times.

The young women lodged a complaint of racist abuse a day after the attack on March 24. She was interviewed by investigators of departmental security at the clinic she is recovering in.

“There is no reason to doubt her word,” said a police source, referring to the possibility of the establishment of a sketch of the attacker who fled.

The victim’s husband, Mounir, 33 said his wife took her two daughters to school when she was attacked.

“One of them grabbed her hair, pulled on her veil while insulting her [saying] ‘None of that in our country’ … He threw a lot of punches… His friend, who was not involved in the violence, told him to stop,” he was quoted as saying by La Depeche du Midi.


  1. I was in Paris yesterday and ANTI Muslim feeling is bad much worse than in UK, I suppose expected after the Charlie Hebdo business. This woman knows that she cannot wear a veil in France, the LAW says she cannot cover her face. Why do woman try to break the Law I understood that the Koran says you must obey the Laws of the country that you are in.

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