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Peshawar locals cut off power supply in outages protest

In light of increased electricity outages, enraged protesters on Wednesday entered the grid station on Dala Zaak Road in Peshawar and cut off the electricity supply to several areas.

According to reports, the locals circled the grid station to demonstrate a protest against unannounced electricity outages. Later on, the protesters entered the grid station and forcibly cut off the supply to several areas.

The people raised slogans against Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) as the electricity supply to several areas including Muhammadzai, Guluzai, Dala Zaak, Pahari Pura and Gul Bela was cut off.

The police failed to stop the protesters from resorting to violence, who claimed that at least 22 hours of outages were being carried out in their areas. They said that the protests would continue until WAPDA announces lessening the power cuts.

Meanwhile, electricity shortfall reached 4700 megawatts on Wednesday, leading to an increased number of load shedding hours across the country, the National Transmission and Despatch Company reported.

According to NTDC sources, the total demand for electricity has soared to 13,700 MW against the supply of 9,000 MW. As a result, rural areas are facing 10 hours of power cuts while load shedding up to six to eight hours is being done in urban areas.

According to authorities, loadsh edding duration will decrease in the next few days as power generation from hydel sources improves.

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