Parking blues plague G-6 bazaar


Shoppers visiting the weekly G-6 bazaar are facing difficulty due to insufficient parking space around the bazaar.

The motorists at G-6 weekly Bazaar have to park their vehicles beside the main road, which not only creates traffic jams but also result into accidents.

Lack of parking space near the bazaar is also fast becoming an issue and resulting into frequent quarrels among shoppers and owners of the houses.

A motorist Ahsan Ali said that coming to bazaar for shopping on a motorbike was a nightmare, as he had to park his bike either on the footpath adjacent to residential areas or at the road, which provoked traffic police.

Another shopper said if there were a proper parking arrangement, no one would park vehicle besides the road or in front of houses.

Robina Khan, a resident of G-7, said she had stopped shopping in G-6 bazaar due to the consistent problem of parking.

“If we park the car in no parking zones the traffic wardens impose fines.”

It is one of the oldest weekly bazaars in the city and a large number of people come here, but the problem of parking is worsening day by day,” she said.

The bazaar should have a parking space according to Capital Development Authority (CDA) rules, another shopper said.