Not getting over attack on Parliament anytime soon: Ayaz Sadiq


Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq on Tuesday said that he would pursue the case relating to the attack on the Parliament by activists from PTI and PAT during sit ins at ‘D’ Chowk.

Talking to media persons after the oath taking ceremony of Parliamentary Reporters Association on Tuesday, the Speaker said that the media should focus on positive news rather than highlighting negative aspects and help build positive image of Pakistan. He said when the PTI members come to the Assembly he would welcome them with an open heart.

He said that at the international level, Pakistan is known as terrorism infected country and nothing else. He said the reason for the image is that we could not fulfil our responsibilities. He said that disturbing issues are projected more in the media and there is no emphasis on anything positive. He stressed that negative news that originates from Pakistan is highlighted at the international level. He said we must strengthen ourselves instead of blaming others for our wrongs.

Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that the National Assembly did a number of good things but they were not given coverage by the print media on the front or back pages.

He said he wanted to form an Association of Pakistani origin parliamentarians who could work as Pakistani ambassadors abroad.  He said a message from Pakistan should be such that no one could interpret it his or her favour.

The speaker said he would try to improve working conditions for the media in the parliament house.

Earlier, the deputy speaker urged the PRA office bearers to try to work for the supremacy of parliament, constitution and democracy.