Encroachments survive yet another operation


Illegal encroachments survived yet another operation from the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) to the dismay of the citizens.

Anti-encroachment squad of KMC Thursday evening launched an operation in Empress Market, Saddar area and removed many Patharas. However, on Friday morning Patharas were present as usual in the area. In fact, the illegal Patharas had occupied streets and footpaths of Friday as soon as the anti-encroachment squad of KMC left after finishing their successful operation.

President of All Pakistan Association of Small Traders and Cottage Industries (APAOSTCI) Karachi chapter, Mehmood Hamid, said the traditional operations against illegal encroachments are futile, as those involved in such operations are also involved in sheltering them. He said it is an open secret that corrupt government officials themselves support illegal encroachments so that they can get bribes. He said this is why no FIRs are lodged against the illegal encroachers though they have been operating in same localities for years. He said sadly shopkeepers themselves are involved in encroachments, and they have occupied footpaths in front of their shops. He also asked to ban every type of parking in Saddar, as a spacious car-parking plaza is already present in the locality.

He said lodging FIRs against the illegal encroachers, keeping their computerised record, and installing iron grills along footpaths could help the KMC fight the illegal encroachments on sustainable basis.