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Awareness campaigns about Down Syndrome urged

“I didn’t know about birth of Down Syndrome baby in my home. When my baby Maryam was born, knowing her as Down syndrome baby, I went in shock, despite being doctor myself for two years.”

“I cried over why this happened to me and thought it impossible to embrace. But then I hearing versus of Holy Quran, I believed in Allah and embraced my daughter.”

This was story of Dr Jamal Ara, Professor of Medicine which she shared during an awareness program on World Down Syndrome Day held in Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi in collaboration of Kiwani International, Al-Dua Foundation and National Forum for Environment & Health (NFEH).

Jamal Ara stressed that other kids should play with Down Syndrome and other special children and for this there is dire need of massive awareness campaigns in Pakistan.

Dr Shireen Khanum, a paediatrician, said that Down syndrome is reported one in every 800 live births worldwide. Every normal kid has 46 chromosomes while children with Down syndrome have 47. This disease can be now diagnosed during pregnancy at 6 weeks or later and this facility is also available in Pakistan.

A live singing show was also held by special children to celebrate Pakistan Day.

Later, there was a tree plantation ceremony to mark Pakistan Day and more than 300 saplings planted with the support of NFEH.

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  1. Saima said:

    It was a wonderful event organised by me and my team at Department of Public Administration, University of Karachi in collaboration with Al-Dua Association and KIWANIS Club of Karachi and NFEH didn’t have anything to do with the event organisation though its sister concern Publicity Channel’s CEO Mr Naeem was requested to provide some media coverage. I’m surprised how NFEH can take the credit for the event.

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