Omar Shahid rules out pardon for Saulat Mirza



The son of the slain managing director of K Electric, Omar Shahid Hamid, on Thursday ruled out the possibility of forgiving his father’s killer.

“My father was killed while performing his official duties, this murder was not due to any personal enmity or grudge,” he said while talking to a private media outlet.

Omar said his father was working for K Electric (which was still a state-owned entity in 1997) at a time when its labour union was involved in corrupt practices with the backing of a political party.

“My father’s ‘crime’ was that he wanted to end corruption in KESC,” said Omar. “If we back down from such cases, more will happen and weaken the writ of the state,” he said.

Omar asserted that the family of Shahid Hamid will not forgive the killer or the people behind his murder. “The FIR of this murder was registered 18 years ago and we had clearly stated in the complaint that a political party had a hand in my father’s killing; we still stand by our statement.”