Follow the due process


Or there will be no justice


The confessions by MQM activist Saulat Mirza accusing Altaf Hussain and Babar Ghauri of orchestrating targeted killings and Governor Ishartul Ibad of protecting MQM criminals are highly disparaging and cannot be set aside as frivolous or inspired. The MQM has a long history of indulging in violence, and extortion. Political support provided by the PPP Co–Chairman to Altaf Hussain at this juncture against the wishes of many in his own party will neither improve the PPP’s public ratings nor help Altaf Hussain and others named by Mirza. While Asif Ali Zardari has phoned the Sindh Governor to express solidarity, he seems to be having second thoughts to include the MQM in Sindh Cabinet. Legal cases have to be defended legally rather than through political methods.

A confessional statement however is not enough to incriminate an accused. It has to be substantiated by adequate material evidence. Political opponents and LEAs have in the past levelled serious charges against the MQM, including the kidnapping and torture of a serving Major and conspiracy to carve out a separate state from Sindh dubbed as “Jinnahpur plan”. Former high ranking intelligence officials later called the ‘Jinnahpur plan’ a hoax while Gen Pervez Musharraf’s administration withdrew the government’s petition in Major Kaleem’s case from the court.

It is for the government to follow due process of law, including the production of the required evidence. It is for the MQM leadership to defend themselves in the court. The MQM has done well to avoid any agitational activity in the aftermath of the charges levelled against its leaders. What is needed on the part of Altaf Hussain is to shun accusations against the LEAs. The government meanwhile has to ensure that there is no media trial of the accused which can influence the outcome of the case in the court. It has come as a surprise to many that a video of Saulat Mirza’s confessional statement was prepared in a high security prison and transmitted to media houses without the government’s knowledge.


  1. there is long history of establishment of political engineering in the well known.The people of Pakistan blindly believe in every report against the MQM, India, Israel and, most of the time, the US as part of their national duty irrespective of the absence of evidence.,unfortunately media are dominated by Punjabi. MQM is the only party whose HQ was aided twice.even during worst time of PPP 90 clifton was not raided.If it was necessary to raid mqm H.Q. WHY no procedure was followed with search warrant and in presence of magistrate,this raises many question regarding of presence of criminals,no party will do this foolish act.The urdu speaking is always at the receiving end ,like Qasba–Aligarh massacre,Sohrab goth ,killing .no raid in ANP offices and Mardan house in Karachi.,by corrosive nature of torture and getting desired confessional report will not help to eliminate the party. Karachi mandate never accepted by powerful Punjabi Establishment,why non punjabi declared as a traitor.when for culprit death warrant is issued and after the last meeting of near relative,no one is allowed to meet the culprit,but Salut Mirza video was made by agency with editing ,here also there was violation of law

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