Mushahidullah Rubbishes EPA’s green efforts


The Federal Minister for Environment Mushahidullah Khan has taken a serious notice of the performance of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in Islamabad.

According to reports, the Minister is not satisfied over the control of environmental pollution in the capital and has asked EPA to submit reports separately about the working of its officers.

Sources said that the minister is particularly concerned about the emission of smoke from the industrial area, use of polythene bags and excessive cutting of trees without any checking.

In addition, rainy streams in the capital are full of garbage, and sewerage water is running on different roads of the city.  Pollution is running rampant and destroying the environment.

Sources said that two days back the head of the agency submitted a report to Khan in which he referred to the issuance of notices of the factories in industrial areas polluting the air, as well as to those releasing sewerage water into Rawal Dam.

At this, the minister questioned that if the institution cannot keep the environment clean in Islamabad, how would it carry out its task in the rest of the country?