Jinnah Hospital’s payback installment plan for corrupt employees


Corrupt employees at the Jinnah Hospital can now find their very own get out of jail free card if they agree to pay back the amount they’ve embezzled in installments.

Such is the case of Mushtaq, a night supervisor employed at the hospital, who had been using a subordinate’s name to funnel money into his own pocket.

According to a fact finding inquiry report shared with Pakistan Today, Mushtaq was involved in a clear cut case of fraud. The subordinate in question is Harrison Siraj, who had left Pakistan on September 13, 2014. Even though he was no longer in the country, Mushtaq continued to mark his attendance till August 8, 2014. The salary that was owed to Siraj in return for him being ‘present’ for his duty was withdrawn by Mushtaq himself. What’s more, Siraj’s contract was renewed in May 2014, even though he hadn’t been to work for months.

The enquiry report highlighted that the matter only came to light because employees started using their initials to mark the attendance instead of denoting their presence with a ‘P’. It was then that it was discovered that the initials being used to mark Siraj’s attendance did not match the originals on record.

Harrison Siraj is still out of the country and hasn’t been in Pakistan for the entirety of Mushtaq’s embezzlement activities. The enquiry recommended that his contract be terminated with immediate effect and necessary actions be taken to recover the salaries that were withdrawn in his name.

Surprisingly, Mushtaq’s contract was not only not terminated but he was allowed to continue with his service. The condition? He has to pay back Rs 10,000 from the next month onwards. No criminal proceedings have been conducted against Mushtaq and he hasn’t even been fired.