Government negligence led to Youhanabad bombings: Elahi


Despite very clear information given to the government by intelligence agencies that terrorists have entered the province and churches will be their target, the government showed negligence in beefing up security of churches, said Pakistan Muslim League (PML) senior leader Parvez Elahi while talking to journalists and PML leaders at his residence on Wednesday.

He said that minorities particularly the Christians were feeling insecurity during Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s tenure due to Gojra incident in 2009 followed by Joseph Colony incident which were attacked during N-League’s government. According to statistics, he said 14,000 Christians have applied for shelter in Europe from 2009 to 2014, despite very clear orders of Islam that protection of life and property of minorities was a duty of the rulers. He said that the Punjab chief minister has failed to provide protection to the life and property of the minorities, adding that incompetent rulers have also made police inefficient.

Elahi said that two major incidents of bloodshed and violence in Lahore, Model Town and Ferozepur Road, occurred near the residence of the chief minister but he didn’t take any action against the violence. He said that all those who died in Youhanabad incident were Pakistanis and the govt was responsible for their protection.

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