Self-proclaimed atheist creates top selling Bible app


Trevor McKendrick, a self-proclaimed atheist, has sparked controversy after his app became the top selling Spanish Bible app, making him up to $100,000 per annum, International Business Times reported. 

The app, La Biblia, is in Spanish language and was created by McKendrick in 2012, while he was in between jobs. The app, which Trevor refers to as his ‘side project’, makes him between $5,000 and $10,000 a month.

The Salt Lake City software entrepreneur may not believe in God, but the Holy scriptures have proved good business for him.

He created two apps for the iPhone, which nets him about $100,000 a year. The apps are Spanish translations of the Bible with one being a text version and the other an audiobook app. McKendrick attributed his success to latter.

In the first year alone, the app made $73,034 in net revenue, followed by $100,134 in the second.

“That was the moment, where it was, ‘Oh this is not just a side project. This is a living,’” McKendrick told host Alex Blumberg of the podcast StartUp in January.

In a blog, McKendrick said that the idea for the app came after extensive market research. He wanted to find a niche that could be profitable and was “not swamped by competition”.

“It turns out that most of the Spanish Bible apps out there are really bad,” McKendrick wrote in his blog. He added that some Bible apps are good but are too generalised and isolated their Spanish-speaking audience.

Twitter users shared their views, some in favour of the idea, while others not in support of the atheist.