Nuclear plants in Karachi


Recently construction of a 1000 MW production capacity nuclear power plant has started in Karachi, near hawks bay shore, with the Chinese assistance. The reactor plant cost $4 billion and will take seven years to start generating electricity for the metropolis residents. Setting up nuclear plants will pull up Pakistan from acute energy crisis; however, in the design and construction of reactors, great care is needed to be taken to cover every contingency. Escape of radioactive material into the atmosphere, dispersion of high level wastes in air and water, and loss of coolant can be catastrophic. Moreover the location should be away from populated areas and geologically stable, should not be earthquake prone. Above all, effects of exposure to radiation shows up in the form of various incurable disease even in the next generation off springs therefore an evacuation plan is necessary in case of incident.

It is hoped that the Pakistan atomic energy commission and Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency would have considered the following factors before allowing the construction.




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