Blog post charts teen’s path to terror


A blog believed written by Melbourne teen Jake Bilardi charts his apparent transformation from schoolboy to suicide bomber.

Bilardi, who left Australia to join the Islamic State in mid-2014 is thought to have blown himself up in a car bombing in Iraq on Wednesday.

The blog’s author is named only as Abdul Abdullah Al-Australi and the pages have been deleted and are unverified. However the contents closely match Bilardi’s story.

“I want to tell you my story, how I came from being an atheist school student in affluent Melbourne to a soldier of the Khilafah preparing to sacrifice my life for Islam in Ramadi, Iraq,” a blog post from mid-January states.

The blog also details a “Plan B” for attacks on Australian soil.

The writer describes growing up in Melbourne as “comfortable” and says he dreamed of becoming a political journalist.

He says he started collecting extremist material and researching it while at school on a laptop computer provided by the state government.

“Unlike the Australian government’s laughable claim that we are used as cannon fodder … we live in the same tough conditions on the front lines and relax in the cities when the opportunity arises,” the blog says.

Another post notes “waiting for my turn to stand before Allah” and there was a “current waiting list of 12 martyrdom bombers, of which I am one”.

Bilardi is thought to have died in a co-ordinated suicide attack – involving seven car bombs – in Ramadi on Wednesday. It killed at least 10 people and injured more than 30.

There are reports that improvised explosives were found by Bilardi’s family, left behind in his home after he had left the country.