Curtain falls on girl-on-girl action

  • Cops arrest woman accused of enticing young girls into homosexuality at her ‘clinic’


On special directive of Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, a fake lady doctor has been arrested on account for enticing college girls into homosexual affairs in the federal capital.

According to police sources, the accused has been shifted to Adalia Jail for further investigations while cases have been registered under sections 419/420 and 377/ 509 of Pakistan Panel Code, which relate to impersonation, fraud, hurling threats and adopting unnatural ways of intercourse.

Per details, Yasmin Akhtar alias Dr Mariam, was allegedly found involved in running a lesbian centre, Mariam Clinic, just a few kilometres away from Red Zone. She was exposed by one of her accomplices Fouzia who now claims that she had rather been a “victim”.

Pakistan Today has learnt that Fouzia, who is a foreign graduate, wanted to call it quits but was forced by Mariam to stay. She said that she was trapped by that fake doctor on the pretext that she would be given a job but ended up in a homosexual affair with her.

However, according to police sources, Fouzia was equally involved in luring in girls to their “clinic” and was also her bisexual partner. She was also sent to Dubai and UK on “business trips” but things got complicated when she tried to marry someone in Dubai and establish her own “lesbian centre”.