PPP moves ECP against PML-N’s ‘violation’ of Senate polls code


Ahead of Senate elections, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has allegedly started harassing MPAs to procure votes in their favour, stated an application submitted with Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) by Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidates; Nadeem Afzal Chan, Malik Nosher Khan, Anjum Langerial and Mrs Sarwat Malik.

They stated in the application that ruling party was compelling the voters to carry their mobile phones or spy cameras for taking pictures of their ballots papers after marking the same.

“Moreover, the ruling party is also threatening the MPAs on the pretext that with help of hidden and security cameras, the whole secret process of voting would be monitored closely, and in case of failure to cast vote as per wishes of ruling party, the MPAs would have to face severe consequences,” they said, adding that such threats and illegal acts will not only undermine the sanctity of Senate election through secret ballot but will also account as violation of Article 226 of the Constitution.

“We cannot trust Punjab Police or security agencies because they are under the direct administrative control of the ruling party. Pakistan Army, being non-political and independent, shall look over all these matters,” PPP candidates proposed.

They further demanded complete prohibition to use of media grabbing devices by MPAs, polling staff, contesting candidates and their polling agents.

Meanwhile, the ECP has made a decision that all the members of the national and provincial assemblies will not be allowed cell phones, cameras or any other electronic device that can take a picture during Senate elections.