Peppa Pig toy teaches toddler to say ‘f**k you’


The parents of Amari Black, 3, were gobsmacked to find a malfunctioning toy was to blame after he came out with the expletive, according to news in The Mirror.

The three-year-old boy’s first words were “f*** you” – and learned from a PEPPA PIG toy.

Amari Black’s parents were ecstatic when their youngest child started picking up words from the Peppa Pig Fun and Learn Tablet.

But their joy quickly turned to horror when they heard him utter the expletive.

They were then gobsmacked to find he had picked them up from the malfunctioning toy.

Dad Garfield, 48, of Waterloo, south east London, noticed that instead of saying “find the odd one out”, the toy says “f*** you? odd one out”.

The couple vowed never to buy any PEPPA PIG toys again.