White Lies


So the Horse and Cattle show is back. It must have been almost a decade since Sultan Golden jumped those cars, and Saleem broke through the chains hanging from a crane. Fortress Stadium has surely changed in that time; growing from just that, a stadium, to a mega market complex. The shops are closing for the five days of festivities. They’ll be compensated, of course. Five days worth of rent waiver in this case. The Punjab government is footing the bill, apparently. Small price to pay, at the end of the day, for promoting our ‘soft image’.


It so happens that parliament is not the only place where PPP and PML-N are hand in glove, its PIA too. Appointees of the last government – political appointees – are not only still in place, they are climbing up the food chain. And, of course, merit’s never a concern. Why else would fast bowlers’ brothers fly Boeings despite proved fake degree? They’re experienced now, PIA says, and chucking them out do more harm than good. And charity clearly begins at the top with this administration. Turns out that someone who’s someone to someone who taught Nawaz the Quran is now heading the airline’s Birmingham office. And, little surprise, despite two promotions, he’s running that office into a loss as well.