Makeup artist confesses to poisoning model Abeera


Tooba has told police that she made Abeera eat poisoned yoghurt after she refused to help her in killing her ex-husband Baber Butt

Makeup artist Izma Rao alias Tooba, who is the main suspect in the Abeera murder case, on Saturday confessed to killing the Lahore-based model by poisoning her yoghurt.

Initial forensic reports of the 20-year-old have also confirmed the cause of death as poisoning.

SSP Investigations Rana Ayaz Saleem said that Tooba’s friend Farooqur Rehman and his friend Zeeshan were also involved in the murder. “Tooba had asked Zeeshan to provide her with the poison,” he said, adding that all three suspects have officially been arrested.

Earlier, a post-mortem report showed that it was likely that Abeera was suffocated.

According to the police official, Tooba had wanted to have her ex-husband Baber Butt killed and had asked for Abeera’s help in doing so. However, Abeera refused to help Tooba, leading to her own death.

SSP Saleem said that Baber and Tooba were married seven years ago and divorced two years ago. He said that Tooba has claimed that Baber and Yousuf Khokhar –a cameraman whom she is thought to have murdered several months ago as well — were responsible for the death of their two-month-old daughter.

Tooba claimed that Butt had refused the treatment of their two-month-old who had fallen ill which led to her death. She further claimed that Butt had asked her to accompany him to a party a day after their daughter passed away.

The interrogation unfolded that Tooba wanted her ex-husband dead as he had supplied Khokhar with some inappropriate pictures of her which would have a profound impact on her reputation. This was also the alleged reason for Tooba murdering the cameraman, said the police official, adding that during interrogation it was revealed that Tooba had also filed a complaint against Butt for raping her after which he agreed to marry her.

According to the police, Abeera wanted to become a model and her passion led her to Tooba to help her make a career in the modeling industry.