Green with envy – CDA Parks Division playing favourites


Favouritism, nepotism, corruption and irregularities have almost become synonymous with the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

In a blatant violation of rules and regulations, the CDA Department of Environmental (Parks Division) has given contracts for the maintenance of parks, and the Islamabad Zoo, worth Rs. 80 million to its favourites without pre-qualification bids, despite the fact that it had received almost 150 applications in this regard.

According to sources and available documents, the staff of the Parks Division did not undertake pre-qualification bids of the applications prior to issuing contracts and favoured the favourites, causing a loss of millions of rupees to the civic agency, which is reeling under financial woes.

According to the documents, the Department of Environment (Parks Division) issued a tender in the press on January 24, 2015, seeking applications for pre-qualification of bids, it received 150 applications, and February 9, 2015, was declared cut-off date for pre-qualifications bids.

However, no pre-qualification bid was held on the announced date and instead, Parks Division officials including Deputy Director Landscaping Eng Muddasir Pervaiz, Director Landscaping Rana Tariq and accountant Bashir secretly allotted contracts to some favourite contractors, causing a loss of millions of rupees to the CDA in terms of pre-qualification fee and other income.

The sources said that these officials violated the set rules to stuff their own pockets while favouring some contractors.

When Deputy Director Landscaping Eng Muddasir Pervaiz was contacted to take his version on the issue, he refused to talk only saying, “He won’t talk on the matter.”

When pressed further, he did not refute that the contracts were given without pre-qualification bids.