Security of Polyclinic to be beefed up: EDO


Polyclinic Executive Director Dr Zahid on Tuesday ordered that the security be augmented, and new security guards be posted near hospital area.

Executive Director Dr Zahid Hussain at a press conference said that in order to cope with any terrorism attack, six walk through gates, 10 CCTV cameras, and 17 additional security guards (both male and female) would be added to the current security setup to provide support to the existing system.

Dr Zahid Hussain said that the height of the walls would be increased through use of barbed wires. Additional entry points have been closed. Security guards and police forces have posted at the OPD.

With help of the Aabpara police station, police teams and rangers will also be patrolling in the surrounding area.

He said that with the approval given by the CDA for the extension of the Argentine development project, 300 beds will added to the hospital.