Police to examine CCTV footage in JPMC doctor torture case



The medical fraternity on Monday demanded a judicial probe and protection for the Medico-legal officer, who was kidnapped and released by unidentified personnel.

Dr.Shahzad Butt, the MLO at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, along with his brother was kidnapped by armed men from his Lea Market residence in the early hours of Sunday. Before releasing him, the armed men tortured and forced him to delete data pertaining to autopsies on bodies of some suspects killed in alleged police encounters from his laptop and cellphone.

The Sindh chief minister had ordered an inquiry and DIG-West Tahir Naveed was tasked to conduct a probe.

Police would now examine the CCTV footage of the surveillance cameras installed on the route from the doctor’s residence to the railway tracks behind the Central Police Office (CPO), the place where his abductors left him abandoned.

About the deletion of important files from the doctor’s laptop and mobile phone, he said that this action would make no difference since the post-mortem reports were kept in an official register and a copy of every autopsy report was sent to the office of the police surgeon.

“The MLO may keep autopsy report in his laptop or iPod for reference but such medical reports could not be vanished by merely deleting the data from such devices,” he added.

He said the doctor told him that six or seven persons in plain clothes kidnapped him in a “white colour police mobile” and released him after torturing and deleting data from his laptop at the railway tracks behind the CPO.

Dr.Nisar Shah, a senior CHK MLO, said that the MLOs wore black armbands on Monday in protest over the incident.

He said that it was their demand that a judicial probe be initiated and all policemen involved in the incident be taken to task.

Dr.Shah said that they would be compelled to resume strike if their demands were not met within two days.


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