55 booked for misuse of loudspeaker


The police, while taking action against the violators of Punjab Sound Regulation Ordinance (PSRO) 2015, registered 55 cases against misuse of loudspeakers.

According to Rawalpindi police representative, the police registered cases against 55 persons for violating the ban on the use of loudspeakers during last 50 days. The drive is part of the National Action Plan.

The spokesperson said that Punjab government had imposed ban on the use of more than one external loudspeaker in Mosques and Imambargahs.

The police had been strictly directed to launch a crackdown on the violators of the ban under the PSRO, he said, adding that loudspeakers are also being seized as the crackdown has been intensified to forcefully implement the national action plan.

He said, that only one external loudspeaker was allowed at worship places including mosque and Imambargah. The loud speakers can only be used for Friday sermons, azan, Eid prayers, announcing someone’s death, announcing someone or something that was lost and/or found.

He said the Rawalpindi police are also conducting search and sweep operations against the same in the district.