Afghan reconciliation: Senior Taliban negotiator visits Pakistan



A senior Afghan Taliban negotiator, who led the group’s delegation to Beijing, is touring Pakistan for consultations; reports claim that the militia is willing to join the intra-Afghan peace dialogue.

An unidentified Taliban official confirmed the visit of Qari Din Muhammad, a member of the Taliban team at the Qatar-based ‘political office’.

Qari Din Muhammad, who has been involved in talks with several countries including China, was scheduled to hold ‘follow-up’ discussions with Chinese officials, the Taliban office said.

Beijing wants a proactive role in Afghanistan’s political process and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said last week that Beijing wass ready to support reconciliation efforts between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

“Afghanistan’s stability depends on an inclusive national reconciliation, which needs international support,” Wang had said during his visit to Islamabad.

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said on Saturday that no contact has been established with Afghan government officials in Qatar.

“There are no talks either with the US or the Kabul administration. However, we are in contact with countries, independent sides and organisations with whom we need to maintain relations,” the Taliban spokesman said when asked about reports about the initial contacts with Afghan government.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, meanwhile, continued consultations in Kabul to win backing for possible talks with the Taliban and said his government would not hold secret talks but would keep the Afghan people in the loop.

“Peace cannot be established in the dark and away from the people’s sight, but it needs a transparent process with involvement of the entire nation,” a presidential palace statement quoted Ghani as telling a series of separate meetings with representativesof political parties, tribal elders, prominent figures, and civil society activists.


  1. Before any negotiations begin, all murders of the Children in Peshawar school attack should be handed over, all suicide bombers training schools should be closed down and all weapons should be laid down. This is another waste of time exercise by these face covered cowards just to buy some time to plan further attacks on innocent people.

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