UN Envoy Brown proposes security plan for Pakistani schools: report


Gordon Brown, the United Nations Envoy for Global Education, has proposed a security plan for Pakistani schools that includes improved safety measures, reported BBC.

Brown, a former British premier, held talks with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and dicussed measures that could be adopted to make schools safer following the December 16 Peshawar school massacre where Taliban gunmen killed more than 150 students and teachers.

Brown, who said that he wants to help schools ‘stand up to terrorist violence, made the proposal following an agreement with PM Nawaz. The proposal includes safety measures such as armed guards, security fences, emergency communication,and metal detectors.

The plan proposed by Brown has been designed by the education charity World at School which is focusing on the best safety practices being used in parts of Pakistan or conflict zones in other countries.

The plan calls for forming peace zones around schools in negotiation with the local community and religious leaders and a systematic approach to safety such as security checkpoints, boundary walls and razor wire.

The plan also called for strategic placement of armed guards on vantage points like rooftops and suggests school buses to be check daily for explosive devices.

If schools are attacked, there must be a way of quickly calling for assistance and alerting other schools, it adds.

The proposed measures include bringing smaller schools in isolated areas closer or being moved to areas where better security can be provided.

Brown also called upon the international community to contribute to the security plan for schools to “reassure parents and pupils that everything is being done to counter extremist threats”.

PM Nawaz’s spokesperson has “reiterated his personal commitment” to working with Brown to improve the security of children in school.


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