SC trying to find law lost in translation


The Supreme Court (SC) has sought cut off date from federal government and provinces for uploading country’s laws on website and their translation in regional languages. The court has also ordered federation and provinces to tell when the matters would be completed and reply in this respect be filed till February, 24.

While presiding over a three-member SC bench during the course of hearing of wrong translation of the law books case Tuesday, Justice Jawwad S Khawaja remarked, “Translation of country’s constitution and law is highly poor. The culture of not working will have to be changed in this country. Budget of federal and provincial law ministries stand at Rs 1.34 billion but the work is next to nil practically. Lawlessness has increased in the country owing to lack of explanation of law.”

“How will people achieve their rights if they are not aware of law of their country? Facilities are provided in all the countries on different forums to understand country’s law but here this is not done. Even those knowing the law largely remain unaware of the law practically.”

The law secretary told the court that websites have been made users friendly. Index of all the law has been evolved.  But the index could not be opened when court tried to open it.

The court was told that budget amounting to Rs 80 million has been allocated to Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan, Rs 880 million to federation, 50 million to Balochistan, Rs 120 million to KPK and Rs 135.90 million to Punjab and Rs 80 million to Sindh.

Justice Khawaja remarked, “These matters can improve only if such budget is used correctly. We regret to say that no culture to work is prevalent in this country. There is need to change it. The institutions will have to work. May be the terrorists stop from committing terrorism by reading these laws.”

The hearing of the case was adjourned till February, 24.