Lawyers lock court


The lawyers’ movement to restore former CJP Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry had both its positive and negative effects. On the negative side, it bolstered the courage of the lawyers’ community for all the wrong reasons. Some lawyers in Lahore locked up the courtroom of the Additional District and Sessions Judge Chaudhry Farrukh Hussain when he declined bail in a case of cheque fraud by a businessman.

As the cheque amount of Rs35 million was huge enough, the businessman might have paid hefty fees to his lawyers to get him off the hook. Obviously, the businessman at the time of issuing the cheque must have known if it would be cashed or not. To protect such a fraudulent person was unethical in the first place. It is however not the first time when the lawyers stormed the court and booed the judge. It has happened often which is a clear disregard for the law and that too by the lawyers’ community. It is shameful. Had such an act of vandalism taken place in Norway, the lawyers would have been sent to the tundra region for a few years.


Oslo, Norway


  1. Lawyers act like spoiled brats. They need to be put on leash. This criminal act of theirs should be sent to Anti Terror Court. The Bar Associations protect criminals and this must stop.

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