Massive irregularities revealed CDA’s possession of E-12


Massive irregularities have been revealed regarding the possession of Sector-E 12 by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), which was awarded 30 years ago in 1985.

A meeting of the sub-committee of the National Assembly Standing Committee on government assurances was held with Shahzadi Umerzadi Tiwana as the chair, at the parliament house.

Director Land CDA Hamza Shahzad informed the committee that the authority failed to secure the possession of Sector E-12, which was awarded in 1985. He said occupants refused to leave the area saying they only do so when tractors will be moved to the Golra area. He also accepted that no payment have been made to the affected people for land (Shamlat).

The committee convenor said that the problem existed because the authority did not pay any amount to the residents of the area, and issued directions to ensure the provision of all promised facilities to the victims under Section 32.

Committee member Malik Ibrab Ahmed was of the opinion that these issues are presenting themselves because the authority is not following rules and regulations. He said that the situation would be much better if CDA reclaims its reputation among the masses.  He also offered to help the authority to secure the land but only after payments were made to local residents.

CDA Land Director Hamza Shahzad assured the committee that the payments would be released within two months as per the rules of the authority, accepting that it was unfair to residents who had not been paid for the last 30 years.

The committee has directed him to appear in the next meeting with legal experts and new policies under the Constitution of the authority.

Replying to a query about the payments, Shahzad informed the committee that Rs.  79.96 million had been paid out of Rs. 98.59 million.

Umar Shahzadi Tiwana said that the CDA chairperson should come out of his office to serve the people standing in queues, as it is his responsibility to resolve the issues faced by the masses. She stated that the authority is establishing new sectors by damaging Margalla Hills, which is destroying the environment of the capital.

The committee also sought a list of plots which had been allotted before the notice issued by the Supreme Court in 2008, along with a list of 31 plots which were allotted in 2013.