Nation to observe Kashmir Day today


Pakistani nation will observe Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 5 (Thursday) with the pledge to continue support for Kashmiris’ just struggle against illegal Indian occupation of the state since October 27, 1947.

The day is also observed with the objective of seeking a peaceful solution to the Kashmir problem, besides delivering a pragmatic message to the international community. The hallmark of the day would be human chain of Pakistanis and Kashmiris to reiterate complete solidarity by forming human chains on all six bridges at the entering points of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

The day will dawn with special prayers for the martyrs of Kashmir, victory of the freedom struggle and expression of solidarity with the Kashmiri people, followed by mass rallies, symposia, walks-for-peace, conventions, meetings and speech declamations.

A one-minute silence will be observed at 10.00 hours on day to honour Kashmiri shuhada.

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly and the upper house of the

AJK Parliament, the AJK Council, will hold a joint session at Muzaffarabad to pay tribute to the people of occupied Jammu & Kashmir for their continuous struggle to achieve their right of self-determination.

Across Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) brisk preparations are afoot to observe Kashmir Solidarity Day to reiterate support with the Kashmiris in the Indian occupied state in their just struggle for the freedom of their homeland.

Keeping in view Indian Prime Minister Modi’s machinations to unilaterally alter the status of Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IoK), the upcoming solidarity day on February 5, has become of special significance. Foreign Secretary of Pakistan has briefed the Ambassadors of the P-5 countries and the EU, based in Islamabad, on recent developments about Kashmir. Referring to the indigenous struggle of the Kashmiris, the Foreign Secretary reaffirmed Pakistan’s unflinching political, moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people. He emphasized that resolution of the Kashmir dispute was pivotal for ensuring peace, security and stability in the region.



  1. we all know that Kashmir is a part of Pakistan in the map we see that most of the part of Kashmir border is link to Pakistan but India did not give whole Kashmir the Kashmiri Muslims sad that we are the part of Pakistan

  2. We all know that 5 February is the day of the Kashmir muslims so in all the world we celiberate Kashmir day

  3. Pak's behavior with regard to Kashmir is neither moral nor logical.Three war had been fought between the two nation.Pak had to loss even a major part of it in the name of Bangladesh and still if it does not recognize the reality that Kashmir is undisputedly a part of India which India would never give up. It is better for Pak to change its focus i.e. from Kashmir to internal affairs which are going bad to worst day by day. If Pak has a hobby to destroy it self or sefl destruction is its destiny by way of wasting its resources on kashmir through cross border terrorist activities I don't think he would ever be successful in his heinous ambitions.

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