LEAs nab 8,837 ‘suspects’ for effective NAP

  • 13,496 search operations carried out across country, 16.3 million cellular SIMs verified


In pursuance of the directions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the four provincial governments, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) government have accelerated efforts for countrywide implementation of National Action Plan (NAP) to combat terrorism and extremism.

In this connection, the law enforcement agencies have arrested 8,837 people during 13,496 search operations carried out in all federating units of the country.

Per details, over 9,000 operations were conducted in Punjab, 1,178 in Sindh, 2,326 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), 30 in Balochistan, 322 in Islamabad Capital Territory, 503 in AJK, 16 in GB and 47 in FATA.

During these operations, 179,309 people were picked up and interrogated from Punjab, 2,887 from KP, 83 from Balochistan, 918 in ICT, 97 in GB and 263 in FATA.

Moreover, 1,859 terrorist suspects were arrested in Punjab, 1,178 in Sindh, 4,949 in KP, 263 in Balochistan, 455 in ICT, five in AJK, 10 in GB and 118 in FATA. Around 35 terrorist links were identified in Sindh, 103 in KP and four in Balochistan.

For misuse of loudspeaker, around 2,950 cases were registered in Punjab, 5 in Sindh, 97 in KP, 59 in ICT, 45 in AJK and one in GB. On this violation, 1,806 people have been arrested in Punjab, 97 in KP and 55 in ICT. Equipment was confiscated from 1,085 places in Punjab, 108 in KP, 6 in AJK and one in GB.

Around 455 cases have been registered in Punjab for hate speech material, 23 in KP, four in Balochistan, 46 in AJK and one in GB. Around 348 people have been arrested on these charges in Punjab, 10 in KP, eight in Balochistan and eight in GB.

Hate material has been confiscated from 24 places in KP while 41 shops selling hate material have been sealed in Punjab. As many as 7,000 Afghan refugees have been registered in Punjab, 327,788 in Balochistan and 29 in GB.

Under NAP’s implementation, a total of 16.3 million cellular SIMs have been verified all over the country during this period including 4,609,147 of Mobilink, 6,027,351 of Telenor, 2,161,999 of Ufone, 1,122,439 of Warid and 2,375,063 of Zong.