Reviewing foreign policy


Depending on others or self-reliance?

The US-India nuclear deal has upset many in Pakistan. Sartaj Aziz has called it detrimental for the stability of South Asia. Leader of the Opposition in NA has asked the government to call a consultative conference to review the foreign policy. Pakistan is not in a position to get the US-India deal undone. What it can do instead is to devise initiatives that reduce the deal’s negative impact on the country. With India being a big market for US goods and a possible bulwark against the expanding Chinese influence in Asia, any administration — Republican or Democrat — would have taken the measure irrespective of opposition from Pakistan.

The recent deal is in continuation of the original US-India agreement signed in early 2007 when President-cum-COAS Pervez Musharraf was basking in the reflected glory of Pak-US relations. Among the reasons why the US was not willing to sign a similar agreement with Pakistan was a perception that the Musharraf government was simultaneously running with the hares and hunting with the hounds. Later under the PPP government Gen Ashfaq Parvez Kayani sought US support but was unwilling to launch operation in NWA against the Haqqani Network which had launched deadly attacks against the US troops and Afghan civilians. The discovery of the much sought after OBL in the cantonment city of Abbottabad further strengthened the misunderstandings. The policies dictated by the generals before present COAS Raheel Sharif were enough to create a lack of trust between the US and Pakistan.

Kicking up anti-US sentiment in Pakistan as desired by the religious parties would harm national interests. America is still helpful to Pakistan. No doubt Islamabad should further cultivate relations with China. What needs to be understood, however, is that China is as much against terrorism as the US. What is more, China wants Pakistan to give priority to its economic development and live in peace with India and other countries. However a belligerent India under Modi will continue to pose a challenge for Islamabad. In this context, Pakistan has to cope with the challenges of the post-Cold War era when total dependence on any single power would be suicidal.


  1. I like the last world "suicidal". That is exactly Pakistan have been indulging in all the time! Let us face it India has always been the BIG APPLE for US and it has finally got it. Pakistan is and always been a rentier state moving from post to pillar in search for security. All the US administations from Eisenhower to Obama have had a soft spot for India. It was only when late PM Nehru rejceted the advances from US on the basis of Non alignment that US found Pakistan a willing mistress to be showered with gifts in return for bases. Pakistan wanted marriage but was offered engagement. When India was bloodied in clash with China and was on it's knees Nehru forgot his non allignment ans asked and got all the political ann miitary support to the discomfort of pakistan It was bluntly told not to heat up the issue of Kashmir with India. When it did all the military aid was suspended to the advantage of India . Pakistan felt the "heat" ,ran short of weapons and had no options but to to yield to the it.s master.(first political and military suicide). Pakistan thought it had found a new friend in China after all the latter had defeated India. It was a and still is a mirage. ZAB played up the friendship to the seventh heaven and the average pakistani fell for it. Lyndon Johnsen was not amused and ordered Ayub to get rid of ZAB which he obediently did . In 1971 India attacked and decimated Pakistan and while Nixon saved West Pakistan, China stood by as a paper tiger but still ZAB suceeded in fooling Pakistanis. Pakistan went searching for new and old friends. US was there but it was now the turn to play the Islamic card and turn to the middel east for aid. No aid is without strings some obvious some subtle. Islamization started with a twisted image but then Pakistan again lost it,s way. The russians marched in Afghanistan and pakistan again became a mistress of US but Carter offered "pea nuts' which Zia who had just hung ZAB refused. Zia wanted "cashew Nuts" but was rebuffed and instepped SAUDI ARABIA with DOLLARS and OBL. Meanwhile Reagon offered now the mistress "sugar coated Cashew nuts" in form of massive military aid . Pakistan was delighted and fell for the three card trick. As soon as the Afghan war ended and Russians withdrew US packed it's bags and left leaving pakistan in a lurch and exposed to the terrible blow backs of the war in form of terrorisim. It's erstwhile friend started blaming pakistan for all the evils and opened up it's long cultivated loveaffair with Miss India . The latter directed the affair but would not leave it's long term"partner" Russia. Since the last thirty years US friendship with India has gone from strength to strength and pakistan has suffered to the extent that hardly any US president cares for Pakistan's interests. Yes Clinton arrived for a few hours in a decoy plane to lecture Musharaf on deomcracy and Bush Junior came in a few hours to see how cricket was played with a tennis ball and pated his friend Musharraf on the back "You are with us and i will look after you"
    Now to cut a long monologue short. We don't have a foriegn policy so no need to have a FM. Our COAS has become a globe trotter fixing up every thing. China friendship is again being played up to the sky but the chinese president cannot visit pakistan because we cannot ensure his security. Obama flies over pakistan and does not even say "hallo" When are we going to wake up and put our house in order. I suspect we are waiting for Allah. Now wait a bit. Put all the eggs in one basket—blame the zionist lobby.

  2. "Kicking up anti us sentiment as desired by the religious parties?"…the incredible stupidity of a so called religious party opposing the USA is obvious…the USA believes in freedom of religion which allows every religion to be practiced openly…clearly these parties are mostly about using religion for political purposes…

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