Insufficient number of buses irk commuters


Inadequate number of buses being plied by franchised companies on most of the city routes has been causing difficulties for the commuters lately.

Commuters complained that franchised companies are not increasing the number of buses as per agreement with the Transport Department on important city routes which has compounded miseries for citizens.

“I have to travel in an overcrowded bus of route number 33-B after a long wait in order to reach Railway Station from Shadman for some urgent piece of work,” Abdul Karim said on Wednesday while others, Naseer, Usman and Tahir also complained on similar lines.

There was no bus from any franchised company between some important inter-connecting city points and people continued to suffer in chilling cold weather.

They recollected that the transport system of route number 33 and 77 was better when wagons plied on the routes and the people did not have to wait for long hours on the road.

Some other commuters said that they commute from Thokar Niaz Beg to China Chowk in a packed bus after a long wait. They appealed to the Punjab government to improve urban transport system for the facility of thousands of daily commuters.

An official of Lahore Transport Company who wished to stay anonymous assured that the government is working on the improvement of the transport system.