CPLC chief caught in ‘dangerous liaisons’



  • Rangers raid CPLC chief Ahmed Chinoy’s residence, allegedly recover kidnapped boy and Rs 1.5m ransom money
  • Chinoy claims raid aimed at maligning him, later contradicts statement saying Rangers had only come to ‘discuss matter’
  • Rangers spokesperson says CPLC informed culprits about the raid following which the abductors escaped, leaving the abductee behind


Rangers personnel Tuesday raided the house of Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC) chief Ahmed Chinoy in Karachi’s Defence Area and reportedly recovered a kidnapped boy along with Rs 1.5 million ransom money allegedly given by the boy’s mother for his release.

The reports of the boy’s recovery could not be independently verified, however, sources said that the investigation was carried out in relation to kidnapping for ransom cases which the CPLC chief is accused of mishandling.

At the time of investigation, Chinoy along with his family members was present in the house where some key documents were reportedly seized, however, Chinoy was not taken into custody.

The raid was carried out on a tip-off by the victim boy’s father who said that his wife was visiting the CPLC chief’s residence in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) to pay Chinoy the ransom money to get their son released.

The Rangers have alleged that Chinoy has links with groups extorting money for ransom, sources said.

Earlier, Chinoy was quoted as saying that Rangers were interfering in the matters of the CPLC and that the crackdown, which was carried out in this regard, was meant to malign him, however later told a press conference that the so called raid was just a part of information sharing.

“Neither hostages nor Rs 1.5 million have been recovered from my house,” Chinoy told a news channel, adding that the allegations levelled against him were baseless. “I don’t understand what I have done that without any authentication they are levelling these allegations. If hostages had been recovered from my residence, would I be roaming around freely,” he further said.

“This morning at 5:30am, Rangers raided my house and asked me to come with them but after speaking to officials they left me,” he later told a press conference.

“I went to Rangers Headquarters today and clarified the matter with them,” Chinoy said, adding that there was some confusion regarding coordination on a case of a kidnapped child. “When two agencies are working on a case there can be issues with coordination.”

“The victim’s mother was not at my house. Only me, my wife and children were at home at the time,” the CPLC chief said, refuting reports. He claimed that the kidnapped boy was recovered from Super Highway.

“Laraib (the kidnapped boy) was not recovered from my house. He was kidnapped at 10pm last night and his family contacted Rangers and CPLC. Rangers came to my house to exchange information regarding arresting the gang involved in kidnapping,” he added.

Further, Chinoy said CPLC has extended support to Rangers and works closely with law enforcement agencies. “I feel the media received the wrong information from a source; there was no raid per se at my house.”

“I hope after our official statement, all rumours will settle down,” he said.

However, commenting on the raid, a Rangers spokesperson said, “CPLC informed culprits about Rangers’ raid.”

“A few hours after the raid at Ahmed Chinoy’s residence, the abductors escaped, leaving the abductee behind,” the spokesperson alleged. The abductee, who was kidnapped from SITE area in Karachi, was recovered from Sohrab Goth.

Later on, while addressing a press conference, Muttahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s Rabita Committee said that it was better if Chinoy had not held a press conference.

Taking a jibe at the apparent contradictory statements by Chinoy, the committee said that the CPLC chief had proved himself to be guilty by changing statements.