‘Daredevil selfie’ on rail tracks costs three students their life: report



Three college students were run over by a speeding train during an attempt to take a selfie on the railway tracks near the town of Kosikala, 103.3 km from the Indian capital of Delhi.

India media reported that four young boys; identified as Yakub, Iqbal, Afzal, and Aneesh and aged between 22 to 22, stopped their car at a railway track as a speeding train approached them in order to take a selfie but were knocked out by the train.

Three of them were killed on the spot while Aneesh survived miraculously.

Aneesh, in his statement to the police, said that they were on their way to Agra to visit the Taj Mahal but made a stop on their way to take a ‘daredevil selfie’ in front of the train. He said that the timing for taking a photo was miscalculated, leading to the loss of lives of the three boys who could not move out of the train’s way on time.

The bodies have been sent for a postmortem while a final report of the incident would be issued following an investigation.



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