12 Hindus injured in Lyari grenade attack


Twelve Hindus including children and women were injured on Tuesday when two unidentified motorcyclists hurled a grenade near Bhimpura locality of the troubled Lyari area of Karachi.

The injured were identified as three-year-old Wishal, four-year old Linash, eight-year-olds Kapeel and Meera, 12-year-old Arish, three women including Dairbai, Weeni, Aam Wadibai and four men including Arjin, Mihwar, Ashok and Suraish. They all belonged to the Hindu community.

Rescue teams rushed there and shifted the injured to Civil Hospital Karachi (CHK).

Moreover, security was tightened as personnel of the law enforcement agencies cordoned off the whole area and started a house-to-house search.



  1. They are a pregressivle shriking and vanishing community.They have been reduced to minisculenumbers.the few that are remaianing should be honourabley reptriated to another country of their choice to lead alife of dignity and free of fear.

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